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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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leesburg it will stay -- route 7 towards leesburg it will stay dry. anne arundel county we might see a couple conversational flakes, if you will. light rain or snow east tonight, dry in the western suburbs. tomorrow morning's commute is dry. keep your jacket handy. we'll talk about the nor east pulling away tonight, but its -- nor'easter pulling away tonight, but its effects linger. we did talk to a lot of local jurisdictions today about their plans if any snow falls. they all say they're waiting to see what happens but have the trucks waiting ready to go. people in the bull's eye path of the storm are struggling to recover. today this home improvement store in new jersey was full of people looking to stock up on supplies. employees say batteries and shovels, salt and gas cans were in the highest demand. public works crews are building up dunes to protect new jersey's battered shoreline
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and governor chris christie has ordered more shelters opened just in case. he says this nor'easter is the last thing people in new jersey need, but is he confident they will get through it. >> when i finally got that final kind of forecast that i got last night, i said i'm waiting for the locusts and pestilence next. so we're getting ready for another storm. >> some jersey shore communities are under mandatory evacuation orders and the governor warns people who just got their electricity back on in the past couple days just might lose it again to this storm. the airlines are reacting already cancelling hundreds of flights and issuing travel waivers for others ahead of this next storm and while you might think that's out of an abundance of caution, that is only part of the story. it turns out that sandy damaged the instrument landing systems based in new york and new jersey that help planes
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navigate their landings in low visibility. so on bad weather days you can expect cancellations and delays in that region until that problem is fixed. you still have time to help us help those hit hardest by sandy. just log onto our facebook and like our page. we are donating $1 to the american red cross for every like we get. one day after the election president barack obama called lawmakers from both parties to talk about looking ahead at the rest of the year. the commander in chief landed at joint base andrews two minutes ago and reportedly told senate and house leaders today he's committed to finding bipartisan solutions to reduce the deficit, cut taxes for middle class families and create new jobs. in maryland a lot of questions tonight about what's next after a slew of ballot questions passed. the passage of question seven clears the way for table games and a sixth casino in prince george's county. today the maryland lottery gaming and control commission said rules for table games could be in place by year end
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and the casinos could start adding those early next year, but that casino in prince george's county probably won't be a reality until 2016. then there's the issue of same sex marriage. >> it feels like a really large embrace. >> that is the reaction from kayo gamber and she and her partner of 20 years sarah plan to get married next fall. they hope to be among the first to apply for a license when they begin to be issued january 1st. the couple has a 9 nine-year- old daughter. maryland also become -- a 19-year-old daughter. maryland also becomes the first state in the nation to let illegal immigrants pay in- state tuitions for in-state colleges. maryland students are eligible after attending high school in the state for three years and if they or their parents can prove they filed state income taxes during that time. at the federal level the fiscal cliff is looming for
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lawmakers in the upcoming lame duck session, but even before he is sworn into office senator elect tim kaine is hoping to get some help to solve the urgent issue and stop the massive sequestration budget cuts. kaine says the close votes in his race and the presidential election mean people want the congress to compromise. as peggy fox reports, the former governor and the former mayor of richmond says he knows well how to reach across the aisle. >> reporter: on the day after his victory senator elect tim kaine appeared relaxed and energized to begin his work in congress. >> it was an exciting night last night. >> reporter: kaine says his and president obama's win in the commonwealth does not mean virginia is now a blue state but purple and extremely important on the national political stage. >> i think we're important enough for both parties to have to make their case to us. >> reporter: the senator elect says his first task is to tackle the looming fiscal cliff
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issues such as stopping sequestration and raising income levels on the expiring bush era tax cuts. when senator elect kaine was governor in virginia, he worked with a republican legislature. now he says he'll use those same bridge building skills he honed here on capitol hill to bring consensus in congress to move our country forward. >> i would really love to be on the health education committee working on education and workforce issues because i think if we work on these talent and workforce issues, that is a way to significantly advance our economic strength. >> reporter: senator elect kaine says voters saw through the negative as targeted against him in one of the most expensive senate races in history and he says his victory proves that money cannot buy an election. >> i think the outcome in virginia spoke very clearly to the notion that grassroots person to person politics can be big checks and negative ads. >> reporter: in richmond, peggy fox, 9news. now virginia's other senator mark warn iris
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considering a run at his -- warner is considering a run at his old job as governor because he thinks it's frustrating and not much gets done. tim kaine is encouraging him to stay in the senate so together they can find common ground between the two parties. we have reports of voters last note having the choice between paper or electronic ballots and they found voting on paper got them in and out faster and then there's the fact in some cases folks displaced by superstorm sandy were able to vote via e-mail or even fax, not to mention all those folks who took advantage of early voting. what do you think? should we change the way we vote in this country? is there a lot of room to improve? join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. this story will be of big interest to people who live in the district of columbia. in puerto rico a slim majority approved a push for the island to become the 51st state. that nonbidenning referendum still required final approval
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by -- nonbidenning referendum still required final approval by congress, but president obama said he would respect the will of the people, supporters of making the district the 51st state have tried to push that issue for years with no success. investors on wall street express their displeasure with the election results by starting to sell the second the markets opened and as we hear the report, when it was all said and done, the dow dropped about 313 points. >> wall street investors are very concerned that nothing has really changed. >> reporter: republican nominee mitt romney was seen as a more business friendly candidate. >> it would have meant maybe a little bit of a fresher breath to our economy and a fresher breath to our market. >> reporter: banks and oil companies that may have benefited under an administration with less regulation and lower tax rates saw their stock prices plummet, but the most pressing issue for wall street, the so-called fiscal cliff, the one-two punch of tax hikes and spending cut
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that could throw the economy pack into recession. analysts -- back into recession. analysts say wall street's lack of confidence in lawmakers is a big reason behind the selloff. >> it's a big belief that nothing is going to get done, that we may go off a fiscal cliff. >> reporter: if washington doesn't show signs a deal is possible, investors say it's likely stocks will continue to fall. coming up on 9 news now at 7:00 an illegal addition with illegal activities comes down in d.c., plus congressman delaney live with me in the studio. see you then. still to come in this half hour the battle for power on capitol hill. >> but first a brazen attacker goes for two victims in one day, the latest on the police search for a groper next.
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new information on the man investigators call the east coast rapist. aaron thomas who is linked to sexual assaults up and down the east coast will reportedly plead guilty to attacks in prince william county and loudoun county. he attacked three teenagers trick-or-treating on halloween in 2009 and he raped a woman in her apartment back in 2001. nine women, nine attacks and police think the same guy is responsible for all these
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incidents in northern virginia. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in springfield, virginia, where now a ninth case has been link to the serial groper in fairfax county. nearby residents are on high alert after the latest attack on hibbling avenue near dunwoody street in springfield. >> i'm going to walk home in a few minutes and i'm a little scared now. >> reporter: the 42-year-old victim was disturbed by the incident but delayed telling anyone because she didn't know the process of reporting a crime. >> she was talking to a friend. the friend urged her that the time to call police. were a woman who doesn't want to be identified said her mother is one of the nine victims attacked back in september also on hibbling avenue. >> scared, yes. >> reporter: she was scared? >> yes. >> reporter: she said the man grabbed her mother's breast. she screamed and struggled to get free. all nine cases have been in the springfield franconia area of fairfax county. this latest incident was one of two cases that happened on the same day within half an hour of
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each other and blocks apart. in springfield, virginia, surae chinn, 9 news now. still ahead meet the newest member of the d.c. council.
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there were a few seats on capitol hill that changed hands, but overall the balance of power stayed consistent. that means democrats control the senate. republicans control the house. late this afternoon we learned former presidential candidate michele bachmann narrowly held onto her seat and democrat tammy baldwin was the first openly guy senator in illinois and tammy duckworth was the first open combat person elected. it will come as no surprise president obama carried the district, but as bruce johnson reports, those same voters turned out well known incumbent councilman michael brown. >> reporter: this was the scene at 14th and u streets in the early hours this morning after president obama was declared the winner. >> we have four more years to finish what has been started.
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>> reporter: board of elections said the president got 91% of the d.c. vote. that percentage will go even higher when special and absentee ballots are counted. >> what i want most in the president for the second term is for him to really stand up for democracy. >> reporter: d.c. mayor gray hopes the president can do more to help the city in the second term. authority over its budget and legislation are at the top of the mayor's wish list. >> he's an eloquent spokesperson. he's a brilliant man and we need his support to be able to get what should be rightfully ours and that is full participation in the united states. >> reporter: roughly a quarter million d.c. voters cast ballots in tuesday's election. the turnout helped first time independent council candidate david caruso to defeat michael brown. >> i think we need to continue to work on campaign finance reform, on ethics reform. >> reporter: the last time an incumbent council member lost an election to an outsider was in 1998. that's when the current
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chairman phil mendelson was first elected to the council and then finally the thing i've been hearing the last couple months is the community college. how can we engage to make sure the community college is grounded, funded and really making a difference for jobs in d.c. >> voters approved charter amendments aimed at keeping corrupt legislators out of office. >> it's all part of this process. >> reporter: phil mendelson easily won election yesterday succeeding former council chairman kwame brown, one of two council members forced from office before pleading guilty to felony charges. >> former d.c. council chairman kwame brown will be sentenced later this month on bank fraud charges and former councilman harry thomas jr. is currently serving time for stealing funds from youth programs in the district. it's not a hurricane. it's not a superstorm. it's a nor easter and it's still one of those things we just don't need.
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>> we're not going to really get it here, but up in new jersey and new york it's awful and three got winds at 35 miles per hour in laguardia and a 43 mile-per-hour wind gust in islip and a 46 mile-per-hour wind gust in annapolis. still snowing pretty good in rockaway. they're going to get accumulation along the shore, about the inland we're looking at 3 to 6 inches northern new jersey, some of the burbs in new york and up toward hartford. they already have 3 inches on the ground, so that's kind of cool i think. i just love snow. it relaxes me. that's all. oh, this is winter. i'm sorry, it's not windsor earlier today. it's snowing to beat the ban at about noon, but the temperature wasn't falling. it was still above freezing and yes, it can snow above freezing. now the temperature is about 30 and it's sticking very nicely in the windsor area. live look outside, temperatures
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in the 40s. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, 44, dew points in the upper 20s, winds out of the north at 15 and will continue to increase both in speed and frequently. pressure now rising at 2.92 inches of america -- 29.92 inches of mercury, pretty big band of snow through northern and central new jersey. that will go on till 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. don't travel through philadelphia and new york from about 3 p.m. to midnight we tweeted last night and that was the case. you may see a couple wet flakes later on tonight as colder air gets drawn into the system, but for the most part just light rain. winds may gust to 25 after midnight. temperatures are chilly, though. 40 in rockville. our average high is 62. we were only 46 today, 40 in
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great falls, fairfax, 42 in college park and 40 in bowie. tracking the nor'easter, light rain or snow east of town tonight, stays dry in the western suburbs and tomorrow morning's commute will describe as well. dress for the 40s tomorrow because of the wind. our futurecast right about now, we see the rain in baltimore, the snow in southern sections of new jersey and a little bit on the delmarva. it briefly comes back to the west and then by about 11:00 tonight it is gone. then the good news, we clear out pretty fast. tomorrow morning early clouds, but by 8:00 you'll need your sunglasses and by this time tomorrow evening i think we'll be pretty much clear. you need a coat and sunglasses tomorrow. next three days our 9 weather alerts all green, 52 tomorrow, 59 friday and 68 on saturday with sunshine. you know what? it gets better. sunshine on sunday, temperatures around 70. so great weather, couldn't ask for any better weather for the heart walk, ms. brikman and mr. bernstein and ravens home,
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pretty nice day near 70, showers tuesday and in the 50s wednesday. that's about average. >> it's not too late to sign up for this heart walk. we have a link on our website anybody can do it. >> forward walk. >> it's a great walk. >> you don't need to be a triathlete. >> it's too bad you're leaving. it's going to be 70 degrees. >> i'm a florida girl. big weekend, though, in sports coming up especially for area teams. for maryland fans it's a phrase they waited to hear for months. basketball season is here, folks. county terps keep up with the defending champs -- can the terps keep up with the defending champs in season opener. >> and a local bocker hits the gym as he prepares to maintain his heavyweight title next in sports.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> it may be an exhibition game, but friday's college basketball match-up between maryland and kentucky at the barclays center in brooklyn could give us some great insight into the upcoming season. can the defending champs repeat with five fresh new starters? do the terps have the talent to live up to the season's high expectations? the acc is expected to be more
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wide open with duke and north carolina turning in extremely young rosters. a winfrey against the defending champs could be a -- a win friday against the defending champs could be a boost in confidence to carry the terps far this season. >> everyone was excited, first game of the season, new arena, bunch of new young guys playing. >> i have an understanding with coach morris and i'm more relaxed on the court because i know what coach wants. i know what the timeouts and what we need and i've been able -- team wants and what we need and i've been able to watch all last year. the wizards looking for revenge against the celtics. this rookie says he thinks the three days of rest will be the recipe for his improvement. >> i think it's an advantage, gives me time to recoup and practice and perfect it. at first i was confused at some of the calls that we, had but we fixed them all out today.
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for these next two days in practice it's going to really help me out. one of america's elite boxers hails from our area, seth mayhem mitchell from brandy wine, maryland, is an undefeated boxer. he worked out today in clinton prepping for a big match next week on hbo. the former michigan state linebacker has turned boxer, turned in 25 wins, 19 as knockouts. now he's defending his heavyweight title. his opponent said he needs to win to stay relevant. >> i have to win in order for people to continue to talk about me. you can genuinely want me to win, but if i'm out there not performing and losing, all it is, you guys are going to be here. when i get in the ring, i handle my business. that's just how i've been my whole life. i don't talk a lot of trash. i'm very humble. i think i can be beat. >> it's play offtime, virginia,
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maryland, d.c. >> cbs evening news is next. good night, everybody. i'm i'm anita brikman with this health alert and surprising news about organic foods. stanford university found organics are no safer or more nutritious than conventionally grown food. they did find nonorganic fruits and vegetables are 30% more likely to have pesticide residue but not at unsafe levels. >> this health alert is sponsored by cancer treatment centers of america, care that never quits.
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